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If you’ve had a sewer or drain back-up, chances are it’s not the first and won’t be the last. These problems aren’t fun and no one likes to deal with them multiple times, but that’s just what happens when a system starts to fail. By having a camera inspection done with our specialized Pipe inspection camera you can eliminate the question of what’s causing the problem and can identify whether or not this is going to be a recurring issue. Whether it’s deterioration due to age or roots finding their way to water, we’ll be able to see the problem and present you with your options.


A clogged sewer line creates problems with your plumbing, requiring sewer line repair. If you’ve noticed that your drainage system has started to slow down and perhaps heard a gurgling sound coming from your toilet bowl, now may be the time to have your drains examined.

pipe camera inspectionIn addition to root damage, a broken or clogged sewer line can happen in a number of ways. Objects can find their way into the line and become lodged. Extreme temperature changes and general deterioration can cause sewer problems, such as lines buckling or breaking. Ground shifting or improper installation can also lead to misalignment.

Camera inspection can be done from a clean out or from a roof vent. If camera inspection has to be done from a roof vent this will tell you that an easy way to access the sewer line should be installed.

A sewer line cleanout installation involves putting a drainage pipe in place that allows access to a plumbing snake, jetting service or other manner of opening a line. Without such an installation it can be difficult or sometimes impossible to reach the sewer or drain stoppage.